What Benefits Do You Get Out of Soil Testing?

As someone new to gardening, one of the things you probably do not pay that much attention to is the health of your soil. The truth is that half of your gardening task should revolve around making your soil as conditioned and fertile as possible — the only way to realise that it is by learning and embracing soil analysis. By now, you should acknowledge that soil analysis is a critical and indispensable step in creating a healthy garden.

It is using a ph tester for garden soil that you will fully understand what fertilisers and other products to use. Yes, the use of a ph tester is the most practical method in soil analysis. Obtaining as much information as possible about your soil helps, you understand how to proceed with your gardening.

So, what does soil testing do for you?

Soil plays a critical role for you to come up with a healthy garden. The list of indispensables that soil offers includes water, nutrients, and living organisms. The decision to perform soil analysis gives you the information you need about those elements. Scientists and professional gardeners and landscapers use soil testing to learn about how the land functioned in history as well as predict environmental conditions. Hence, a ph tester for garden soil is a device that can do more than what you imagine.

Aside from gardening, the best soil ph tester is also a valuable tool for the following:

1 – It can help when you plan to build a play area in the backyard.

You can benefit from soil testing if you want to guarantee that your land is safe. Hazardous amounts of arsenic and lead are likely culprits for certain illnesses and even death. Knowing what is in your soil allows you to get rid of the issue or danger right before you build a play area on your backyard for your kids.

2 – You need a ph tester if you want to make a vegetable garden.

Moreover, soil testing gives you comprehensive data about your land, especially when your concern is to know the best areas where you can plant healthy vegetables. You can learn the density of certain nutrients in your garden by using a soil ph tester. Some of the nutrients you need from the soil are phosphorus, magnesium, and potassium.

More importantly, soil testing tells you about your soil’s pH level. Once you obtain the information you need, that’s the time that you can add the right number of fertilisers. It also helps you prevent the spread of the insufficient amount of manure intended for plant growth.

So, if you hope to succeed in your gardening project, be sure you embrace the concept of soil testing.


Make Your Garden Parties Extra Special with Marquee Hire Adelaide

There’s nothing more fabulous and grandeur than having a party at home in your elegant and well-maintained garden. A garden party in the Australian summer can be daunting. Whether it’s a simple canopy or a lavish reception with all the trimmings, you need to make sure that the outdoor weather won’t ruin your special celebration. That’s why you need to get a marquee hire Adelaide for your garden party. It is understood that having overhead protection from the outside is essential for any outdoor event. Not only will it protect your guests, but it can also improve the overall look and feel of your party. So if you’re interested, find out more about it by checking out our website.


The Best Marquee Hire for Garden Parties

We currently offer the best marquee hire for garden parties and special events held outdoors. Our firm fully understands the needs of our clients, especially when it comes to protection and aesthetic value. We have garden party tents and marquees for all ranges. Our team is also proud magicians when it comes to fitting your rented marquee into any garden space – an event the tightest ones. All you need is to give us a call, and we’ll come to visit you to assess your area and determine which marquee fits best with it. We have a selection of different tents and marquees that you will find attractive, functional, and convenient. You can click this link now to view some of our best tents. We can also customise one for you if you want. Just note that it will cost an extra sum. Click here to get a free quote.


We Offer What You Need

Our professional marquee hire Adelaide service has the complete package. Once you acquire our service and product, we will help you throughout the entire process. From choosing the best marquee to the installation, we’ll help you every step of the way. All you need is to select our best marquee for garden parties. Customise the design, colour, and size; and you’re all set! After you’ve made your job order and have already chosen the ideal marquee for your party, you’ll only have to wait for our team to arrive and set-up everything for you.


For more information on our top-notch marquee hire for garden parties, check out our website now. You can also get a quality marquee hire Adelaide services from us. Just book a reservation, and we’ll handle the rest.


Mobile Skips Are an Excellent Solution for Proper Garden Waste Disposal

Garden waste is made up of different organic materials that you consider as no longer useful for gardening purposes. It may include stuff like food scraps, dead leaves and branches, stump, soil, and others. The usual practice in disposing of organic garden waste is by sending it to the landfills. But the problem with that practice is it contributes to the increase of greenhouse gas methane production in the atmosphere.


Australians are one of the most significant contributors of garden waste, and sad to say; you are one of those people who willingly throw your garbage irresponsibility, without knowing where it goes. If you want to minimise your contribution to environmental pollution, you must start thinking about changing the way you manage your garden waste.


One of the most practical ways to do that is through Waste Removal With Mobile Skips. If you are a gardening enthusiast, it’s safe to bet that you produce a lot of garden waste. Now, you should consider hiring a garden skip bin company to help you get rid of the rubbish most appropriately and conveniently possible.


If you’re hiring a garden skip, be sure to choose one that you can place right on your garden or at least close to it. It is why it makes sense to choose a mobile skip bin because you can move it from one location to another without hassles. The idea is to make it easy for you to dispose of your garden waste. With a garden waste bin, you no longer need to carry the responsibility of taking your rubbish to the waste management facility, thereby saving you a lot of effort and time.


The advantage of renting a waste bin for your garden trash is that you get to choose from a wide array of sizes. It means that you can pick one based on your particular needs. You don’t need to pay for a large bin when you expect minimal waste production.


Working with companies specialising in Waste Removal With Mobile Skips is beneficial since your rubbish will most likely end up in recycling facilities. Even if you want to embrace the concept of recycling, you don’t have the time to sort your garbage and come up with useful ways to reuse some of it. If you hire a garden skip bin, you will relieve yourself of that trouble and then be confident at the same time, thinking that your rubbish is somewhere out there being appropriately handled for recycling purposes.


Some DIY gardeners may not feel like there is a need to spend money to rent mobile skip bins, but if you are genuinely concerned about the planet, then you would not think twice.



Do You Need an Expert or Professional When it Comes to Landscape Design?

The overall beauty of your property will considerably be enhanced with a well-landscaped garden done by a professional landscape designer. Aside from giving you a high return on money invested in landscaping, it also attracts prospective buyers. A lot of work is involved in getting a professional looking landscape. And if you insist on doing the job yourself, inevitably, you could end up dealing plenty of problems that may ask for costly repairs eventually, not to mention both the time and effort you waste as you are untrained.



If you think that placing plants in strategic locations around the property is what landscaping and Garden Design Adelaide are all about, well, you are wrong because it is more than that. It is about creating designs that effortlessly blend with the house and the neighbourhood. These designs involve the making of pathways, decks, pools, water features and other amenities. Also, when drawing up landscape designs, professional designers take both drainage and irrigation into consideration.


Moreover, keeping with the lifestyle of the residents of the home should be achieved by the proposed design. For instance, perennial plants are exceptionally ideal for people who only have little to no time to devote to gardening. Also, before you decide on planting trees or shrubs, you must consider the lighting first. Take note that certain coloured plants take on a different hue when the rays of the sun hit it at either dawn or dusk. Plus, you could also use artificial lights to highlight certain spots if you wish to transform an ordinary garden into a magical one.



It is essential that the landscape and Garden Design Adelaide will smoothly complement your home’s interiors as well. If you are strictly following a specific theme or style on your interiors, you can create a similar fashion to have a balance between indoor and outdoor areas. Individual plants blend one another and once paired together; they look remarkably marvellous and boost the look of your garden. Also, it is much better if you hire the services of a landscape designer if you are not sure which combination works best. Not only that but also a good landscape design will plan for both extremely wet and dry weather conditions. No doubt, you will have a worth admiring and lasting design if you let professionals take care of the job.


On the other hand, a lot of skills, as well as experience, are necessary for designing a landscape. Although you may be excellent in growing plants, are you capable of installing lights or water features? If not, surely, you will only have an ordinary looking garden. Fortunately, companies that offer landscaping services consider everything first before they provide you with outdoor space design. Guaranteed they can provide you with best results as they are experts in the field that have unique solutions in mind for common lawn problems. Through making a few changes to the entrance and the lawn, they can dramatically increase the value of your home.


Making Sense of Hiring a Professional for Landscape Design

Thinking of doing a makeover for your backyard? Hiring a professional landscaper is a great help in achieving your goals for the beautification of your property. Having your own landscape design Adelaide for your home is an additional expense that needs to be assessed correctly. But by adding a feature in your property like landscaping your backyard can provide a space for your family to have some fun and make a family gathering a memorable one. Here are some gathered information to convince you in hiring a professional landscape designer.

Recreational Skills

A skilled landscape artist and designer can make your dreams and goals come true in making your backyard a fantastic place. If you have the desired design in mind or you have gathered idea in the magazines, this professional can help you in planning and creating your available space into a new and ideal place for family bonding. Involved in your landscape design Adelaide are skilled people who can offer you concrete ways in maximising your area by the designs that you have in mind.

Aiming for Details

Having hundreds of ideas and suggestion can be rolled into one. Paying attention to details that you wanted to have or to see in your backyard is a factor that you need to assess and study to achieve the desired specification properly. Working on someone who specialises on landscaping able you to see and consider some suggestions that might help in your anticipated plans for your area.

Practicality of Styles

A landscape designer can make your backyard a place where your personality, character and desired style appear. When doubting and confused about the desired designs for your property, skilled people can help you find ways to achieve your desires while keeping the balance of your expenditure. There are many practical ways they can suggest so that your goal is still intact and reachable.

Looking for Cheap Yet Quality Materials

To help you look for the right materials for your project, professional landscape designer have connections or suppliers which generally offer materials at lower cost. A low cost for supplies helps you save and achieve the look of your backyard within your budget. Ensuring also the quality of the materials acquired can make the landscape last for long and can benefit you for some time. Don’t rush with obtaining expensive materials, that have the same quality as that of  cheaper ones.

Step-by-Step Progress

Hiring a skilled landscape design Adelaide pro will save time and energy since they know where and how to start. They have methods to finish the project on time. You can discuss the procedure and the the desired time frame for the project.

The cost of the project cannot compare to the happiness you get from bonding moments with people that matter most to you.


Keeping Your Garden in a Tip-Top Condition

We all love a beautiful home with well-manicured garden. A home should not only be beautiful on the inside, but the outdoors should be beautiful as well. This is where the importance of maintaining your garden comes in. A garden is part of your overall landscape, and it needs to be well-maintained to ensure that it complements the beauty of your existing home. A residential garden can consist of the lawn, trees, and the hedges. All these require proper maintenance to get that lush look you have always wanted. Otherwise, if you have an unkempt garden, it will be a host to harmful insects that can trouble your home and your family. Therefore, you need to keep your garden well maintained and manicured.

So, what is involved in garden care? There is so much you can do to keep your garden well-maintained. For example, when it comes to the hedges, they need to be well-trimmed to get the desired shape. To clip your shrubbery, you need special tools which are readily available in your local hardware. With trees and flowers, you can do both the trimming and pruning depending on what you are looking for. If the trees are ornamental like the palm trees, then pruning and shaving them will be necessary. Lastly, we all know that a garden is never complete without a beautiful natural lawn. Therefore, to keep your turf maintained, there are several maintenance practices that you need to carry out regularly. For example, you need to water the lawn, take out the weeds, apply fertilisers and herbicides, and do the lawn mowing. By doing all these, you can be sure that your garden will stand out.


As seen from above, maintaining a lush green garden is not easy, and it will take much of your time. Also, there are too many tools needed to accomplish the work. Therefore, if you feel that garden maintenance is too much and you cannot handle it, worry not. Nowadays, you can hire gardening Adelaide services and have your garden taken care of professionally.

The gardening companies have the right tools and trained experts to handle any garden maintenance service. Be it that you need your hedge to be trimmed, your trees and flowers to be pruned, or you just need lawn maintenance services, these companies are ready to help you achieve that beautiful look you have always wanted. All you need is ensure that you have the best team working in your garden. This only means that doing proper research is paramount as there are many gardening companies out there. For professional gardening services, click here.


What is a Tree Surgeon?

A tree surgeon is a garden maintenance engineer who is accountable for pruning branches and shrubs, felling trees, splitting logs, planting, replanting, and hedge-cutting. Tree surgery is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, with a great potential for happening because of the heights involved and the power-driven machinery which must be used to do the work.

Though, those who become involved with the job tend to find the part very thrilling and continue with it as a lasting career. Being a tree surgeons solihullsuits those who crave after an outdoor lifestyle; the nominee must be ready to work outdoors in all conditions, and this forms a large part of the request in several cases. It is physical work, hard, and keeps the candidate in the good physical state. It is definitely one of the truly challenging outdoor jobs.

Responsibilities of tree surgeon:

Listen to client requirements for site work and get ready on-site or telephone quotation.

Arrive at the location on the decided day and start work at the pre-decided time.

Complete the required pruning, felling, log removal, planting, replanting, and hedge work.

The tidy site on completion and fulfill elimination of the surplus product from customer’s location.

Invoice for work and appraise future customer work requirements.

Make sure that all the insurance documents for personal injury as well as a public liability are valid.