Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Tree Stump Removal

The decision to remove or let a stump stay in your property is a crucial one to make once you remove a tree. It is true that there are compelling arguments to remove a tree, like when it has reached the end of its life, it contracted a disease, or perhaps you no longer need it for a new landscaping project. However, the one thing that many property owners fail to acknowledge is that there also are equally valid reasons to remove a stump.

You probably are wondering why it’s a big deal, but tree stump removal is just as crucial as removing the tree, and below are the reasons why you should save up for an affordable stump removal Gold Coast:

1 – Stumps will never help in improving the look of your outdoor area.

One good enough reason to invest in tree stump removal is that it degrades your landscape and adversely affects your property’s aesthetic value. In simple terms, your home does not look good with it. It won’t make any sense at all if you work so hard to keep your garden beautiful and religiously maintain your yard when you cannot even put in the effort to remove the stump.

2 – The space the stump occupies is useless.

Another argument favouring the removal of a stump is that space it currently occupies is of no use to you. Simply put, removing it allows you to come up with great ideas on how to take advantage of that new space, say like for expanding your garden or building a new landscaping feature.

3 – The stump is a tripping hazard.

affordable stump removal Gold CoastAside from the fact that you can avail of an affordable stump removal Gold Coast service, another reason to put money in it is that you are preventing a possible accident from happening. While the stump looks harmless to you, anyone who does not see it might accidentally trip and gets seriously injured. Your children who love to play outside are prone to tripping. You might even forget it is there when it gets covered in new sprouts and grass.

4 – It’s the perfect breeding ground for pests.

If you do not remove a tree stump and allow it to decay, then you will eventually suffer from a pest infestation, particularly termites, beetles, and carpenter ants. Those pests love to eat or make a home out of decaying wood. The failure to acknowledge the importance of removing the stump could mean facing a severe infestation.

The good news is you do not have to remove a tree stump on your own. Numerous local tree removal companies can do the work on your behalf for a reasonable cost, and you do not have to do anything since they will take care of the disposal, too.