Taking Care of your Palm Trees

The tropical appeal of a palm tree is the principal reason why it is a popular addition to outdoor spaces and living areas in Australia. If you ever feel like you want the tropical paradise feeling at home, having a palm tree in your backyard, garden or lawn is the closest thing to it. Unfortunately, taking care of a palm tree is no easy feat. To maintain its aesthetic value, you have to put in a lot of commitment, time, and effort to it.

You must understand that a palm tree addition to your home requires you to keep it healthy all year round, or else you lose the aesthetic value and curb appeal of your property with overgrowing and ugly-looking trees. Luckily, you do not have to do most of the hard work.

Hire the Pros

Many of the care and maintenance jobs like palm tree cutting Hobart, pruning, and trimming require specialised skills and experience, which is why a lot of property owners decide to hire someone to do those tasks for them. Well, it is hard to blame them because doing those things on a regular basis requires not just skills, but also time and a lot of effort.

The same thing holds true when it comes to treating palm trees of disease. There are numerous diseases, especially those brought by spores of the fungus, which could kill your palm tree in a short span of time. What is even worse is that you do not notice visible signs unless you grab and ladder or climb up to the top of the tree to see anything that is out of character.

The Value of Cutting and Trimming

The ideal time for palm tree cutting Hobart is in the colder months as it is asleep. You do not want to do some cutting or trimming when the palm tree is awake since it begins growing new branches. Simply put, you do not intend to cut the tree in the summer months since the second generation cannot ideally grow back because of the hot temperature.

One reason why it always is better to hire the pros in trimming the palm is that the process requires attention to detail. For instance, you cannot afford to cut or spike into the tree since doing so creates a parasite opening. While you think it is no big deal, it actually could kill the tree since the wound is inviting parasites to come in and destroy the palm. Likewise, it also is not ideal to cut or trim the palm too much since it can lead to growth issues and invite pests to live in it. Know that a distressed palm tree is an ideal breeding ground for bugs, insects, fungus, and pests.