Install a Pergola and Turn Your Garden Into an Outdoor Living Room

For families that love spending time outdoors, sometimes an extra room is needed. A well-designed pergola can be the answer to your outdoor space problems. With proper planning and construction, pergolas SA can provide you with a different kind of space – a beautiful outdoor room.

Outdoor rooms like pergolas are designed to offer an integrated flow between your house and your Pergolas SAbackyard; they can give you lots of fresh air. You can set up beautiful outdoor furniture, and you will not have to worry about fading or the fabric padding getting mouldy in the rain. Depending on the design, where you have excellent protection, you can even have a daybed or sofa in your outdoor room. It will be a great place to relax and have fun with your family and friends.

Pergolas come in many sizes and shapes. The design possibilities are endless. You can have one installed on either side of your house to extend the use or comfort of another room in the house. It can be next to a casual living room, dining area or kitchen. It can be made from timber, steel or composite and painted or stained to match your house. The roof can be of basic corrugated plastic covering or heavy duty roofing material and guttering. The roof can be opaque or transparent or even a mixture of both, providing the right mix of shade and light.

To give the pergola that that outdoorsy feel, it is essential to blend some aspects of it with your existing house, to ensure seamless integration.


Thepergola flooring is key. It needs to compliment the floor of the room that is adjacent. Is it timber or tiled? What is the colour? Matching the connecting rooms is essential. However, in some cases, a similar match is better than none at all. If you have a polished wooden floor in your home, then try and select wooden decking that will match the colour of the floorboards in the interior room. If on the other hand, you have tiles in the adjacent interior room, ensure that you match thosetiles in colour and size. By matching the floor on both spaces as close as possible, you will create the illusion that it is one big room.

Connecting Doorway

Whenever possible, it is good to cover the connecting area with glass doors. Doors that can quickly open up to allow enough light in and provide minimal visual interference. If you cannot make it a whole wall, then you can try installing the sliding doors. It will help in opening up the area and make it feel like an extension of the indoors.

As seen above, pergolas like the ones built by pergolas SAcan be a great addition that can connect your home interior to the outdoors. However, they do not come easy, and you have to invest good money and hire the best pergola builder. There are many local home improvement builders out there, but not all can deliver quality construction services. Therefore, ensure that you hire the best pergola builder for the best results.