Importance of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are structures that are used to hold back or stabilise the soil. They are very common in sloped areas. There are many reasons why you might consider building retaining walls Adelaide, some which include preventing erosion or run-off, for aesthetic value, and for stabilising sloped yards. If you have a sloped yard that undermines your efforts at landscaping and gardening, you need a well-installed retaining wall. Building and designing a retaining wall is not easy, and you need to ensure that you are working with the best landscaper. Only a professional landscaper can design a retaining wall that meets all your needs and complements the value of your landscape. Also, to ensure that the wall stands the test of time, you need to use quality materials which includes concrete and wood. Below is an in-depth explanation of some reasons why you need to build a retaining wall.

Preventing Soil Erosion

Sloped areas are notorious when it comes to soil erosion especially when there is a poor ground cover. In such areas, a retaining wall can solve this problem. The wall prevents rainwater from washing off soil from your landscape.Retaining Walls Adelaide


Landscaping a sloped garden can be a great challenge. The slope causes lateral pressure that may lead to the movement of the soil downwards. You need to construct a retaining wall, which will redistribute and accommodate the pressure, and thus allowing you to landscape easily without the soil running off.

Visual Interest

To create an appealing landscape design, you need other elements other than the lawn, hedges and some trees. By adding a retaining blockwall, you will not only be holding back the earth but you will as well be adding beauty to your landscape and the overall property. For example, you can use the retaining wall to create an artificial hill to enclose your garden or create usable surface like a tiered garden that can complement your landscaping ideas.

You can make use of a variety of materials as mentioned. Therefore, ensure that the materials you choose can stand the test of time and also complement the design of your landscape. Also, be careful about the designer you hire as not all can deliver quality work. If you do not know who to hire, you can always consult neighbours and family members who have installed retaining walls and find out if they can recommend you to a retaining wall builder they used. You can as well make use of testimonials and reviews online. The bottom line is hiring an expert that can deliver and this is something that retaining walls Adelaidehave perfected in their business.