Why Synthetic Grass is Popular

For some years now, many more people are considering replacing their natural grass with artificial turf. The reason is that natural grass presents several disadvantages that are easily solved by the artificial turf. Also, as technology advances, the artificial turf is being improved terms of looks and texture which makes it more acceptable as compared to a few years back when it was first introduced. In previous years, artificial grass was not accepted as it was very rough and also costly and only the rich and clubs could afford it. Everything has changed today, and people are now turning their back from natural grass going for the fake grass. But why is synthetic grass Brisbane very popular? Well, this article will look at four things that make artificial turf the best and a worthy investment.

Environmentally friendly

We have all seen or heard the effects of environmental pollution. Unless you do something, the earth will become very hostile to humanity. To counter the issue, the best thing to do is to install artificial grass. But how will this help? Well, unlike the natural grass that needs watering, application of fertilisers and pesticides, the fake grass requires none of this practices that are harmful to the environment, and so it’s environmentally friendly.

Save money

Any chance to save a few bucks should be considered. Therefore, if you want to keep a few dollars, you need to replace your natural turf with the synthetic grass. The fake grass will save you money in that you will no longer water it, which means you save on monthly water bills. Also, since there is no mowing, you will save time and money mainly if you are used to hiring lawn mowing services. Also, you will save the cost of fertilisers and insecticides.


A few years back, people were avoiding using artificial turf as it was rough and not friendly especially to pets. However, the modern synthetic grass is pet-friendly, and so by installing it, you are sure that your pets are free to play on your lawn. Also, unlike the natural grass that can retain pee smell and also tricky to remove the pet’s waste, a synthetic grass lawn is easy to clean using a hosepipe, and the scent and pee are gone without destroying the lawn.


Finally, synthetic grass Brisbane is very durable, and one of the reasons people are going for this option. In fact, some manufacturers of artificial grass are offering over ten years guarantee that the carpet will not fade or tear under the right conditions. Also, the fact that it can survive in all weather conditions makes artificial lawns the best. Install yours today and enjoy the benefits.