5 Tips for Proper Palm Tree Care

Palm trees are an integral part of the Australian landscape. Whether it’s in the summer or any season, you can always find palm trees attractive. It’s just hard not to notice the majestic lines of palm trees all lined up in the median. Palm trees are still a warm and welcoming sight in any environment. You can plant it anywhere and is a great addition to your home.


However, when it comes to having a palm tree at home, you need to make sure that you know how to care for your palm tree properly. You don’t have to resort for palm tree removal North Brisbane. Sometimes, all it needs to bring a palm back to life is to treat it with care and love. Trim the old fronds and cut the withered leaves. Put some fertiliser and make sure you cut the fruits. There’s always a lot of things you can do to properly care for your palm tree.


It’s essential for you to take good care of your palm trees on a regular basis. So here are some tips that you need to keep in mind when caring for your palm.


What Issues to Look for?


Specific issues with palm trees are quite easy to spot. It’s crucial that you take action immediately to preserve your palm’s lush appearance. There are three things you need to look out for:


Yellow Leaflets: When examining your palm tree, the first thing you need to consider is the older fronds and see if they are starting to turn yellow. If you spot one or several yellowing leaflets, that would mean your palm is lacking in magnesium. A magnesium deficit would almost always turn a once green frond into a pale yellowish colour. Besides, older fronds tend to be the ones found on the lower portion of the tree. That means you can easily remove them.


Any Orange or Yellow Spotting: When you see yellow or orange spotting on older fronds, it would mean that it lacks in potassium. It can also cause your palm tree’s trunk to become narrow.


Scorched Fronds: This one happens among newer fronds that are lacking in magnesium. Any lack of manganese among your palm tree leaves and fronds can make them curl, as well.



NOTE: The common cause of death among palm trees is improper fertilisation. So if you don’t want to call your local palm tree removal North Brisbane, it’s vital for you to be aware of this issue and avoid fertilising your trees the wrong way.


It’s essential that you keep your palm trees healthy. To do that you need to exercise proper care and maintenance. It doesn’t take a palm tree specialist to spot if your tree is having trouble. So act right away and make sure it’s attractive features stay the same all throughout its lifespan.